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Fall session of the Convocation 
of Raleigh — 1916 









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Convocation of Kaleigh 



Scotland Neck, N. C, 

November 21st, 22nd and 23rd, 1916. 

BAhhett's printing house. wil*on. n. c. 


Scotland Neck, N. C, Nov. 21, 1916 

The Annual meeting of the Convocation of Raleigh 
assembled in Trinity Church, Scotland Neck at 7:30 P. M. 
Devotional exercises were conducted by the Bishop of the 
Diocese, The Rt. Rev. Jos. Blount Cheshire, D. D. 

The Arch-Deacon of the Convocation, Rev. N. Collin 
Hughes, read his report which may be summarized as fol- 

Sunday Services have been held at Selma, Sanford, St. 
John's* Ridgeway, Louisburg, Kittrell and for the prisoners 
at the State Farm. The few Sundays not included in these 
ministrations, have been given where there was the most pro- 
spect of doing good. 

Two periods of ten days each have been given to solicit- 
ing funds for the proposed building at the State Farm, and 
there is now in bank $3000.00 and a building committee has 
been appointed. 

One Preaching Mission was conducted during Advent, 
and the following meetings attended during the year: State 
Social Service Conference, Raleigh; Laymen's Missionary 
Movement, Greensboro; National Congress Laymen's Mis- 
sionary Movement, Washington, D. C.: National Congress 
American Prison Association, Buffalo, N. Y. The two last 
at his own expense. 

Some of the Parishes and Missions have been re -grouped 
for the better support of the Rectors. Rev. Basil M. Walton 
has become assistant to Rev. Isaac W, Hughes. Rev. Mr. 
Baxter is serving Warrenton and Ridgeway. Scotland Neck, 
Halifax, Enfield and Missions have as Rector, Rev. Reuben 
Meridith. Rev. Norvin C. Duncan is in charge of Weldon 
and Jackson, and Rev. Francis Joyner has removed to take 
charge of Pitts boro and missions. 

Quarterly District Conferences have been started at 
several differents points in the Convocation. 

Rev. Harry O. Nash has started several missions at 
places in touch with his Parish. Mr. S. L. Rotter and Prof. 
Wm. H. Brown have both rendered valuable missionary ser- 
vice. While there was report of several vacancies, the in- 
creased interest of both clergy and laity in the missionary 
work of the Convocation, with the larger support given to 
this work afforded real grounds for encouragement. 


The oft recurring vacancies, is a serious handicap upon 
the missionary activities of the Arch-Deacon as it compels 
him to devote time to supplying vacancies that should be 
used in opening new work. The short terms of service of 
the clergy, especially the younger clergy, is responsible for 
many of these vacancies and it was suggested that a cure be 
sought for this evil. 

The following were suggested as possible remedies: (1) 
Increasing realization of the fact that a call to a larger field is 
not always a justification for abandoning a work half done, 
(2) Adequate support of the clergy in their present fields. 

Or, in other words, the clergy must learn to realize more 
deeply the sacredness of the obligation that binds them to 
their fields and at the same time the laity must learn more 
fully the sacredness of the obligation that binds them to the 
support of the Ministers of God. 

For the best interests of the Missionary work the Arch- 
Deacon suggested the following: 

(1.) Co-operation of the clergy to supply vacant 
Parishes and Missions. 

(2.) More adequate equipment for the clergy, as auto- 
mobiles, etc. 

(3.) Increased use of lay workers. 

(4.) Employment of an additional missionary 

(,S.) Organization of a Church Building Guild. 

(6) Extension of the Forward Movement to every 
Parish and Mission in the Convocation. 

(7.) Prompt remittance to the Treasurer 

(8.) Advent Sunday School offerings for Convoca- 
tional Missions to be actively pushed as are the Lenten offer- 
ings for General Missions. 

(9.) The clergy are urged to present Convccational 
Missions frequently and earnestly to their people. 

After the reading of the Arch- Deacon's report strong 
Missionary addresses were made by Rev. Lewis N. Taylor 
and Rev. Bertram E. Brown. 

A business session was held at the close of the service 
the Rev. Morrison Bethea was elected Secretary, and the 
Committee on Recommendations was appointed as follows: 
Rev. George W. Lay, D. C. L-, Rev. Norvin C. Duncan, 
Rev. Lewis N. Taylor, Mr. Wm. E. Smith, Mr. N. Collin 
Hughes, Jr. 

On motion of Mr. Lay the report of the Arch-Deacon 
was referred to the above Committee. Convocation ad- 

Second Day, Wednesday Nov. 22nd. 

Holy Communion was celebrated at half past seven and 
Morning Prayer was said at half past nine. 

Convocation was called to order at 10:00 A. M. and the 
following list ot delegates were present or entered during the 

Clerical Lay 

Rt. Rev. Joseph Blount Che- Mr. Wm. L. Wall, Hillsboro 

shire. D. D. Mr. Thomas W. Mullen, Treas* 
Rev- N. Collin Hughes, Roanoke Rapids 

Arch-Deacon Mr. Wm. E. Smith, 
Rev. Morrison Bethea, Sec. Scotland Neck 

Rev. Norvin C. Duncan Mr. N. Collin Hughes, Jr. 
Rev. Edward W. Baxter Weldon 

Rev. Geo. W. Lay, D. C. L. Mr. Isaac Smith. 
Rev. Bertram E. Brown Scotland Neck 

Rev. Reuben Meridith Mr. Stewart H. Smith, 
Rev. Lewis N. Taylor Scotland Neck 

Rev. Harry O. Nash Mr. Stirling N. Gary, 
Rev. Cyprian P. Wilcox Halifax 

Rev. Basil M. Walton 
Rev. Frederic H. T. 

Rev. Francis Joyner 
Rev. Milton A. Barber 

Mr. Wm. L. Wall read the report of the Treasurer of 
the Convocaticn, which is summarized as follows: 



To Balance $ 181 51 

To Parishes 1,515.53 

To Offering- taken at Convocation 9.00 

. To Special Offering- 132.64 

To Woman's Auxiliary 55.50 

To Sunday School Advent Offering 47.80 

Total $1,941.98 


By Arch-deacon, Salary .., $ 550.00 

By Arch-deacon, Expense 165.00 

By Stipend to Missionaries 598.33 

By Clergy Expenses to Convocation 31.96 

By Emergency Fund 98.60 

^^ By Treasurer's Expenses 6.00 

By Sexton , 2.50 

By Postage 3 61 

By Printing-, etc 


By Balance 483.43 

Total... $1,941.98 

Rev. N. Collin Hughes read the report of the Executive 
Committee of the Convocation as follows: 

Report of the Executive Committee of the Convocation 
of Raleigh, to the Convocation, 1916-1917, held at Scotland 
Neck, Nov. 21. 22 and 23, 1916. 

The Committee can report regular and faithful attend- 
ance on its quarterly meetings since the report to the last 
Convocation, and interest in the work by all its members, 
never less than a quorum of whom attended, and often six 
out of the seven being present. The meetings have been 
held at the Episcopal residence, and at the first meeting after 
the Convocation of Octcber, 19)5, the Treasurer reported a 
balance of only $61.30 when ail apportionments were paid; 
hence it appears that the financial budget was closely 
estimated. However, beginning with this small apparent 
balance, the Committee gratefully acknowledges a gener- 
ous support of the work by the several Farishes under 
the materially increased apportionments necessarilly made to 
carry on the work, and at the end of the year less tnan half 
of the parishes in arrears ot one quarter, and most of. these 
parishes will undoubtedly pay up, which assures the Com- 
mittee of financial support to enable them to report all stip- 
ends met at the end of the Convocational year and all stipends 
regularly paid for the first three quarters of the year, which 
will more fully appear from the Treasurer's report. Taking 
courage from this support the Comnit'tee made appropria- 
tions for the year beginning April 1, 1916, and ending March 
31, 1917, aggregating $3700.00. and apportionments on the 
several parishes of an aggregate of $3215.00, leaving to be 
raised by Woman's Auxiliary, Sunday Schools. Advent of- 
ferings and special gifts only $485 00, much less than has here 
tofore been the rule. Bringing the apportionments nearer to 
the appropriations was at the suggestion of the Convention 
and the Committee is gratified to report the success of the 
plan. With but few exceptions the parishes have responded 
cheerfully to the call. A table of appropriations and also of 
apportionments for the year ending March 31, 1917. is ap- 
pended and asked to be considered part of this report. 

The Committee at each meeting has received reports 
from the Treasurer of the state of the finances and from the 

Arch- Deacon and special committees of the progress of the 
work, -and has thus kept in close touch with trie work in the 
various fields. As will appear from the Arch-deacon's re- 
port, a new plan of consolidation of weaker parishes and 
missions into groups has been adopted at the Arch-deacon's 
suggestion and at the last meeting of the Committee in Sept. 
last, only two vacancies in the mission field were reported 
and those the Arch-deacon hopes to fill soon — possibly has 
filled by the time this report shall have been submitted. 

Ways and means were discussed for getting the delin- 
quent parishes to pay up and special committees were recom- 
mended in each parish so delinquent. 

At the meeting of March 15, 1916, a special committee 
was appointed to audit the books of the Treasurer and the 
Committee made the report that the books were clearly and 
accurately kept and commended the accounting there shown. 

At the meeting of July 5, an innovation was unanimously 
adopted which promises good results, namely: that the Arch- 
deacon, with the Bishop's approval, if he so desires, may 
call a Conference of the Clergy at any point in the Convoca- 
tion, at any time, and make draft on the Treasurer for the 
expense of entertaining the Conference. 

And upon the whole, the Committee reports faithful and 
efficient services by the several missionaries whose work, 
though not so apparent perhaps to the casual observer, as the 
work in the larger parisher, nevertheless bears fruit and meets 
the Master's approval in many ways which we may not know. 
And in conclusion the Committee can gratefully report a 
healthy and growing missionary work in the Convocation 
with bright promises for the future. 



April 1st, 1916 to Harch 31st, 1917: 


Arch-deacon's salary $1100.00 

Arch-deacon's traveliug expenses 300.00 

Rev. Francis Joyner, mission work 300.00 

Rev. F. H. T. Horsfield, mission work 100.00 

Rev. Harry O. Nash, mission work 200.00 

Rev. N. C. Duncan, mission work '. 200.00 

Rev. A. S. Lawrence, mission work 50.00 

Rev. Henry C. Smith, Mission work 250.00 

Rev. Lewis N Taylor, mission work 150 00 

Elm City Mission Field, discretion of Bishop 100 00 

Scotland Neck, Halifax and Enfield missions 300.00 

Weldon and Jackson mission 15O.00 

Warrenton mission 250.00 

Emergency Fund 300. 00 

Total amount needed $3700.00 


Rattleboro, St. John's $ 40.00 

Chapel Hill. Chapel of the Cross 100.00 

Durham, St. Philip's 240.00 

Duke, St. Stephen's 40.00 

Enfield, Church of the Advent 40.00 

Gaston, St. Luke's 8.00 

Gulf, St. Mark's 10 .00 

Halifax, St. Mark's 24.00 

Henderson, Holy Innocent's 300.00 

Hillsboro, St. Matthew's 75.00 

Jackson, Church of the Savior 3(100 

Kittrell, St. James 20.00 

Littleton, St. Alban's 32.00 

Louisburg, St, Paul's 50.00 

Lawrence, Grace Memorial Church 8.00 

Middleburg, Church of the Heavenly Rest 12.00 

Oxford, St. Stephen's 75.00 

Orange County. St. Mary 00 

Pittsboro, St. Bartholomew's 75.00 

Raleigh, Christ's Church 600.00 

Raleigh, Church of the Good Shepherd 30000 

Raleigh, St. Mary'sChapel 15.00 

Ridgeway, Good Shepherd. 24.00 

itingwood, St. Clement's 5.00 

Roanoke Rapids, All Saints Chapel 20.00 


Rocky Mount. Good Shepherd 160.00 

Sandford, St. Thomas 12.00 

Scotland Neck, Trinity 80.00 

Smitbfield, St. Paul's 10 00 

Southern Pines, Emmanuel 48.00 

Speed, St. Mary's 12.00 

Stovall, St. Peter's 12.00 

Tarboro, Calvary . 300.00 

Townsville and VVilliamsboro.. , 30 00 

Warrenton, Emmanuel .,. 40.00 

Weldon, Grace 80.00 

Wilson, St. Timothy } s 80.00 

Arch-deacon's collections •• 200-00 


Other sources to make up balance of amount needed, 
Sunday School, Advent offering, Woman's Auxiliary and 
special gifts. 

Estimated income for the year as above stated $3215.00 

Leaving to be made up by Sunday School, Advent 

Offerings, Woman's Auxiliary and special gifts . 485 . 00 


By resolution duly passed at the October 1915 Convoca- 
tion, it was requested that the apportionments be paid quarter- 
ly between the 1st. and 10th. of June, September, Decem- 
ber and March. 

Remittances should be made to Mr. Wm. L. Wall, 
Treasurer, Hillsboro, N. C. 

Rev. George W. Lay moved that the Convocation re- 
quest the Convention of the Diocese to have printed in the 
Journal all available Tables of Apportionments. The motion 
was adopted. 

Reports from the various Parishes and Missions were 
made by the ministers or other representatives present. 

At 12 noon Prayers for Missions were offered by the 

The Rev. Walter J. Smith then spoke on the work of 
the Thompson Orphanage and Rev. Dr. Lay on St. Mary's 

Rev. Milton A. Barber made a very interesting report 
of the work of the Forward Movement Committee. 

Rev. Milton A. Barber, Rev. Norvin C. Duncan and 
Mr. Wm. L. Wall were appointed as a Committee on Nomin- 
ations. Convocation adjourned. 

Convocation was called to order at 3:00 P. M. and the 
Nominating Committee reported as follows: 


For Secretary, Mr. Wm. H. Ruff in, for Treasurer, Mr.. 
Wm. L» Wall. For Executive Committee: Rev. Sidney S. 
Bost, Mr. Boyd Kimball, Mr. Jos. B. Cheshire, Jr. 

On motion of Rev. Dr. Lay, "The Executive Commit- 
tee war- authorized and directed to make all the reports to the 
Convention required in Canon IX section IV.'* 

On motion ot Rev. Milton A. Barber. "The Executive 
Committee of the Convocation was requested to urge the 
Annual Every Member Canvas in all Parishes and Missions 
in the convocation.' 7 And that, "The Executive Committee 
co-operate in every way possible with the clergy in carrying 
this request into effect. 

The Committee on Resolutions reported as follows: 
(These reports were on separate pieces of paper and the or- 
der of their introduction has been lost, but the following 
were adopted.) 

(1.) That Rectors of Parishes be urged, with the as- 
sistance of their laymen and laywomen to open up mission- 
ary work in outlying districts. 

(2.) That each clergyman in the Convocation be re- 
quested to hold a mission during the year; either in his own 
or some other Parish or Mission. 

(3.) That each congregation now receiving missionary 
aid be urged to become self supporting as soon as possible. 

(4.) That it be the immediate aim and purpose of the 
Diocese to send to General Missions as much as we receive 
from them. 

(5.) That all the clergy be urged to send in frequent- 
ly to the Carolina Churchman brief, concise, and carefully 
edited accounts of their work. 

(6.) That the clergy and laity should emphasize the 
duty of evangelizing those not now connected with any relig- 
ious body. 

(8.) That in general we should show our people the 
concrete monetary needs with details of places, people and 
conditions rather than simply ask for certain sums of money. 

(9.) That the work of the clergy should be made more 
efficient by giving them more salary and better equipment 
for their work, as automobiles, typewriters, stenographers, etc 

(10:) That the Executive Committee send to each con- 
gregation at least by Dec. 1st, a statement of its apportion- 
ment with a request that the congregation express its willing- 
ness or unwillingness to accept the same. 

(11.) That greater use be made of the laity to conduct 
services and separate Sunday Schools and that young men 
be especially encouraged to do this work. 

(12 ) That a Committee of three laymen be appointed 
to secure in conjunction with the Executive Commiitee, the 
services of one or more competent laymen who will go among 
the different Parishes and Mission fields and arouse as far as 
possible among the members of "This Church", the men in 
particular, a broader spirit of contributing in a larger degree 
to the whole financial needs of the Church. And that this 
•committee be authorized to devise ways and means to defray 
the expense of the prosecution of this movement. 

The chair appointed this committee as follows: 

Mr. N. Collin Hughes, Jr., Mr. Thomas W. Mullen, 
Mr. B. K. Lassiter. 

Rev. N. Collin Hughes offered the following resolution 
which was adopted: 

Resolved, that the Secretary of the Convocation be in- 
instructed to have printed all resolutions thai involve requests 
or instructions to the clergy and send a copy of same to 
every clergyman in the Convocation, accompanied by such 
comment as he may think fit. 

Convocation adjourned. 

8:00 P. M. 

The Apostolic Rite of Confirmation was administered 
by the Bishop after which Mr Samuel S. Nash spoke on 
"Evangelization by the Laity 7 ' and Rev. George W. Lay on 
"More Efficient Clergymen." 

Third Day 

Holy Communion was celebrated at seven- thirty and 
Morning Prayer was said at nine thirty in the morning. 

The Convocation was called to order by the Arch- Dea- 
con and the minutes of the previous day were read and ap- 

On motion of the Bishop, it was resolved, that a com- 
mittee be appointed to take into consideration the suggestion 
that the Advent Sunday School offerings for Diocesan Mis- 
sions be presented at the Epiphany Celebration and that this 
committee report to the Arch-Deacon. 

That the Arch-Deacon be instructed to convey what 
ever report this committee shall make, to every clergymen in 
the Diocese. 

This committee was appointed as foilows: 

Rev. Isaac W. Hughes, Rev. Sidney S. Bost, Rev. 
Alfred S. Lawrence. 

Officers for the ensuing Convocation year were elected 
as follows: 

Mr. Wm. L. Wall. Treasurer; Mr. VVm. H. Ruff in, 


Secretary. Rev. Sidney S. Bost, Mr. Boyd B. Kimball, Mr. 
Joseph B. Cheshire Jr., Executive Committee. 

On motion the Executive Committee was empowered to 
fill any vacancy that might occur in its membership. 

On motion it was resolved that the Secretary pro tern, 
with the assistance of the Arch-Deacon, should prepare a 
condensed summary of the proceedings and have them print- 
ed and distributed among the Parishes and Missions of the 
Convocation. And that the Treasurer, upon the requisition 
of the Arch Deacon, be authorized to pay the cost of same. 

On motion of Rev. Milton A. Barber it was "Resolved, 
that a committee of two clergymen and one laymen be ap- 
pointed to consider ways and means for improving the Caro-: 
lina Churchman and increasing its circulation. 

That this committee report to the next Diocesan Con- 

That the Arch- deacon be instructed to communicate to 
the Arch-deacon of the Convocation of Charlotte the forego- 
ing action and request him to aDpoint a similar committee.'' 

The committee, called for above, was appoined as follows: 
Rev, Morrison Bethea, Rev. Miiton A. Barber, Mr. Frank 
P. Haywood. 

The following resolutions were adopted: 

Resolved, that it is the sense of this Convocation that 
another missionary is needed in the Convocation. 

2. That the Executive Committee be requested to con- 
fer with the Rectors of the larger Parishes and with individual 
members of the Church, to see if $500.00 can be raised for 
this purpose, over and above the present apportionment. 

On motion of Rev. Norvin C. Duncan, it was 

Resolved, that the Convocation express its interest in the 
Church's efforts along the lines of Social Service and urge 
greater activity upon the part of clergy and people. 

After a resolution expressing "The thanks of the Con- 
vocation for the generous hospitality of the people of Trinity 
Church and asking God's blessings upon its life and activities; 
The singing of the Gloria in Excelis and the pronouncing of 
the Blessing, Convocation adjourned.